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XAK Pins

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We don't know your thoughts, but installing an AK trigger just isn't the most convenient task. Most AK triggers are designed with hard edges, and exact fit pins. While this may give a slightly more sleek look in the end, it can make getting a trigger job done a nightmare! This issue became very apparent for us when we were developing and testing our AK triggers. So we decided to make our own! Introducing our new AK Pins! These pins were designed to solve the headaches that come from installing stock AK pins, and to make installation a breeze! US Patent Pending.


  • Chamfered edges for easy push-through installation into any AK receiver; no more hunting for the hammer and trigger holes, or the receiver hole on the back side.
  • Pins are longer so they protrude slightly, making it easier to push them out during uninstalls.
  • Especially compliment HIPERFIRE's AK triggers that also feature US Patent Pending pin installation chamfers.
  • Compatible with stock pattern AK hammers and sleeved trigger subassemblies.
NOTE: These pins do protrude slightly on the right side of the receiver. This is intentional.