Patrol Tactical Releases the 1st EDT Video Review

“HIPERFIRE…announces the online appearance of the first video review of the EDT (Enhanced Duty Trigger) that HIPERFIRE recently announced. The review’s quality is a doozie. Dave Timm of Patrol Tactical provides a very accurate and thorough description of the trigger, its features, how it installs, and performs over a whopping 20 minutes. It is very instructive for both the novice and expert alike…The trigger was designed for Law Enforcement duty personnel. So, it was of special interest to HIPERFIRE to learn how it would be received by one of their own. HIPERFIRE and you the viewer now have one answer.” [ED., taken from HIPERFIRE’s 1/6/15 Shot Show 2015 exhibitor page press release.] View the video in the playlist above or go here and watch it on the EDT product’s page or here on the REVIEWS page.

Terry Bender