HIPERTOUCH® Triggers PASS Drop Tests

The HIPERTOUCH® 24 family of modern sporting rifle triggers (AR15 and AR10 types) conform to both commercial and military drop test standards. Testing was conducted by National Technical Systems in Wichita, Kansas per ANSI/SAAMI ABUSIVE MISHANDLING and INTERNATIONAL TEST OPERATIONS PROCEDURE (ITOP) ROUGH HANDLING. The triggers were installed and set to their lowest pull weight into minimum and maximum weight configured rifles with fully loaded magazines and a primed dummy cartridge in the chamber. They were then dropped onto a rubber pad backed by concrete or directly onto concrete from a height of 12-inches up to 5-feet high with the safety/selector set to SAFE or FIRE in various rifle orientations. All the triggers passed with no jar-offs (hammer fall and cartridge ignition due to inertial shock) confirming HIPERFIRE’s internal findings.

Terry Bender