HIPERFIRE Announces the ECLipse FCG

HIPERFIRE announces the immediate availability of the HIPERTOUCH® ECLipse (ECL) AR fire-control group (FCG). This FCG’s performance eclipses that of every other HIPERFIRE trigger product including the 24Competition. It was developed as part of a 3-gun match series promotion. That promotion just ended with the HIPERFIRE Rifle Challenge and the trigger now sport a new, more evocative name. HIPERFIRE didn’t think it could improve on the 24Competition product offering, but it did. Your trigger finger will feel the difference from the 24C as a definite step up. It sports a Black adjustable HIPERSHOE and a Nickel based enhanced plating exclusive to the ECL making the pull even smoother and more responsive (among other things) at an MSRP of $275. Please note that this and HIPERFIRE’s other trigger offerings aren’t just for 3-gun, but to anyone who demands the best. Visit the product’s page to learn more.

Terry Bender