HIPERFIRE Annouces Arrival of the EDT3

HIPERFIRE announces availability of its new Enhanced Duty Trigger3 AR fire-control for the AR15/10 rifle that completes HIPERFIRE’s enhanced duty trigger line up. It features the novel “duplex” trigger bow with two finger pad rests, one high and one low. In the high position, the trigger pull weights are five and six pounds; in the low position, the weights are four and five pounds. The range limits depend on which hammer spring was installed, the red or green (both springs are included with the product). Like the EDT2’s more massive hammer head, more collision power is carried into the firing pin to reliably ignite 308/762 NATO cartridges while still exhibiting faster lock time than stock alternatives. It’s a HIPERTOUCH alright featuring only a hint of creep, a smooth flat stroke with an equally smooth and very positive reset that users of HIPERTOUCH® FCGs have come to appreciate. The MSRP is $99.

Terry Bender