Will your triggers burst?

The trigger will not burst. But, shooters will burst.

Here are the only two real examples of real people running HIPERTOUCH triggers that burst that HIPERFIRE is aware of:

  1. A customer installed a trigger in a Colt large pin lower, which increased the pivot pin spacing so much that the semi-auto disconnector could not catch the hammer when it cocked. Sort of like installing a semi-auto trigger into an AR with no disconnector at all. Every time the customer pulled the trigger, the rifle would burst until he let it off completely or the magazine emptied completely. THAT’S WHY HIPERFIRE MENTIONS SMALL, 0.154-INCH DIAMETER, PIVOT PINS SO OFTEN. ‘nough said?
  2. A customer ran a low mass bolt carrier with a very stiff recoil spring. This resulted in jerky recoil/rebound motion and very fast, high inertia, BCG cycling. Both contributed to simultaneous bump fire and slam fire bursting. The bursts were unpredictable. When a standard weight BCG was installed, the bursts stopped.

Know you’re equipment. All of it. The trigger is just a component of a system that includes the shooter. Just because a shooter experiences this does not mean the problem is the trigger. Maybe it’s the shooter and the ill advised choices he/she has made. If you’re new to high performance rifles of any stripe, don’t operate in a vacuum. Consult those with experience before you attempt something you may not be prepared to handle.