What lubricants do you recommend for the HIPERTOUCH® 24 series triggers?

The HIPERTOUCH® family of triggers were designed to function with a consistent feel whether lubricated or not, i.e. for the worst case, when proper maintenance and lubrication are impossible: the battlefield environment. HIPERFIRE® has live-fired triggers in excess of 100k rounds without lubrication, without hiccup, or change in trigger feel. This is because the sear contact surfaces are large and robust in the first place, limiting excessive wear, and in the second place carry lighter contact impingement loads than competing products due to the addition of the toggle springs. Since the sear load is reduced, the wear is reduced.

Theoretically, using lubrication will increase product longevity versus running the triggers without lubrication. Good lubricants will make clean up and maintenance easier as well, but will not significantly improve feel. Why? Lubricating films generally improve lubricity when the contact surfaces are mutually large and in close intimate conformal contact. The film between these surfaces is pressurized to some slight degree (a function of the lubricant’s viscosity among other factors) and prevents or inhibits metal-to-metal direct sliding, thereby reducing the friction coefficient and reducing wear. However, in every fire-control design including HIPERTOUCH®, the trigger sear edge and not a broad conformal surface interacts with the hammer sear surface so that film pressure, for practical purposes, is nonexistent, i.e. the difference in pull weight between lubricated and non-lubricated HIPERTOUCH® FCGs is insignificant.

Having said all that, any lubricant will extend wear life.