Have you any reports of your triggers doubling?

Yes, reports of trigger “doubling” have come to HIPERFIRE®, but in all cases they were really bump fires. True doubling or bursting occurrences are very rare with any fire control and can indicate faulty installation, wear, debris lodged in the trigger due to poor maintenance, manufacture, etc.

If the trigger’s design or manufacture is flawed, once it “doubles” it will always double. If the doubling is inconsistent, the issue may not be with the fire control at all, but rather the way that the shooter is using the fire control. Ensuring that the user is pulling the trigger all the way through break to complete over travel, maintaining a firm hold on the pistol grip during the rifle’s recoil onto and rebound off of the shoulder, increasing the pull weight of the trigger, etc. are all effective ways to maximize shooter control thereby minimizing or eliminating bump fires.