Do you recommend anti-rotation pins?

We recommend the MIL_spec pins included with the product. Users have contacted HIPERFIRE® regarding hammer fall and pull weight issues with the use of various anti-rotation pin products. In some cases:

  1. These pins are larger that the MIL-spec .154-inch pins causing a slight binding of the hammer on the pin;
  2. The pins are worn out of shape or damaged;
  3. The pins have no hammer J-spring groove so that the hammer fall is slowed due to pinching friction; and or
  4. The anti-rotation pins clamping action on the lower can actually squeeze the lower receiver’s walls together clamping in turn the hammer and/or trigger.

In these cases, HIPERFIRE® recommends taking out the anti-rotation (anti-walk) pins and install the pins supplied with the HIPERTOUCH® trigger to baseline optimal performance. After knowing how the FCG should work as designed and most importantly how it should feel, the user can then try other pins for comparison. If the others work out okay, go ahead and use them. If not, abandon them and go back to the pins supplied in the HIPERTOUCH® package.