How does HIPERTOUCH® hammer fall energy compare to other products?

This chart was constructed from test data that HIPERFIRE® generated to compare hammer fall energies of various products to HIPERTOUCH®. Three different measurement bars are shown for HIPERTOUCH® triggers representing the installation of the three different toggle spring pairs that come with the products. The spring pairs determine both trigger weight and hammer fall energy. Only one “Top Product” competitor has a hammer fall energy that exceeds the lowest of the two HIPERTOUCH® hammer fall energies. The remaining competitors are decidedly lower in energy, due in large part to employing very low hammer spring power required to meet their goal of lowering trigger pull weight.

The highest hammer fall energy among all the products tested, including the two MIL-spec triggers tested, were the HIPERTOUCH® 24 series triggers with the plain toggle spring pair installed. It provided for both low trigger weight and high energy hammer fall.

HIPERTOUCH Hammer Fall (595x490)