FTF (Failure To Fire)

You spent all of that time and money building the gun, training, and preparing for the range. You get up on the line, aim in on your target, take a breath, squeeze the trigger and… click. You feel the breath sucked from your body as all that adrenaline and excitement leaves in one swift moment. Yeah, we know what that’s like! FTF, or Failure To Fire, issues are any time when the trigger is pulled, you feel the break, the hammer drops and you hear the click of the hammer striking the firing pin or bolt carrier, and no round goes off. Simply put, click and no bang. This issue differs from FTR (Failure To Reset) in the fact that in a FTF scenario the trigger releases and the hammer strikes the firing pin, but in an FTR scenario the hammer never drops to strike the firing pin.

Pages to include multiple causes and resolutions. Some may include photos and/or short videos (if possible).

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